Welcome to the 2021 International Healey Weekend


Despite our hopes and best efforts to find a workable solution to Monday’s postponement of the end of lockdown restrictions, we have finally had to accept the hotel’s decision to cancel.

All however is not lost, but there is a drawback – the hotel has no weekend availability for an event of our size before late October (which I think most would agree is a bit late in the year to be touring the country in an open car in uncertain weather conditions!) but it’s a different picture mid-week, and with the full backing of the NEC, we have decided to switch the dates to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday July 26th to 28th – to be clear, arrive and check in on Monday, depart Wednesday pm.

We obviously realise that for various reasons, these dates will not suit everyone and if you decide to cancel (or amend) your booking, we will obviously refund you accordingly (in due course!) and would ask you to accept our apologies in the meantime for having had to let you down.

As you will realise, it’s been a hectic few days and our focus has been on finding an acceptable alternative solution, so hands up, we haven’t quite nailed down every detail, but we will do over the next week or so, just bear with us please!

As a first step, we have simply transferred everything you booked for the original dates to the new ones, including any extra nights before or after, and what we now ask you to do ASAP is to confirm that you either want your booking to be carried forward unchanged, or to detail any amendments to it – from the cancellation (or addition!) of any extra nights, to a request for a complete cancellation. This arrangement also includes all of you who’ve booked Day Tickets – by the way, you’ll also be on our priority list to be offered any accommodation that becomes available through cancellations.

Please ensure that you email details of your confirmations, changes or cancellations to:- ihw2021@austinhealeyclub.com

As time is now limited, we urgently need to get any changes implemented without delay, so if we haven’t heard from you by next Sunday June 27th we will assume that we have your agreement to transfer your original booking to the new dates in its entirety.

Finally, once we’ve sorted all this out, we will then be sending you a ‘Welcome Note’ with some (hopefully!) helpful advance information. This will include details of the Gala Dinner Menu and also information on the Packed Lunches that will now be available for the planned drive, both of which you will need to order in advance – just so you know!

Apologies once again for all the hoo-ha and hassle, but we do hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us on July 26th, 27th and 28th – it’s going to be a terrific couple of days, and well worth waiting for, especially since the bars should be open as normal!

*** UPDATE 21/06/2021 ****

We now have a small number of rooms available owing to the date change and a few people not being able to make the new dates.

If you would like to take one of these rooms, please email Mell Ward at ihw2021@austinhealeyclub.com.